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StarWraith 3D Games LLC is an independant game company that has been developing PC space-sims since 1999 (and for me personally, I've been developing space games since the mid-1980's). It is primarily the effort of one person who enjoys the space combat/space-sim genre and wants to help keep the game theme alive by creating unique and enjoyable space games.

About the Developer
I have been creating space combat games for over 30 years (since 4-color CGA graphics were common and the fastest PC around was about 12 MHz) mostly as a hobby and decided in 1999 to begin working in my spare time developing shareware PC space-sims designed around player feedback and my own concepts for such games. Nearly all game development and most media creation is done by myself, although several others have helped with some things such as music, voice, and model work as well as testing. While Evochron and Arvoch are my spare time hobby and my resources are quite limited, I hope to continue working on (and playing) these space-sim concepts to keep gameplay fresh and alive in this genre. I hope you enjoy the games I've written so far and welcome your feedback. Thank you for your support!

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